Our first 5K

This morning the Cleve Crew participated in our first (of many) 5k run!  We ran to support an amazing ministry called, “Atlanta Dream Center”.  They are doing awesome things in Atlanta and we were excited to start to get to know them better.

They asked a bunch of youth in their program, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” They wrote the answers down on a ribbon for us to carry during our run.  We were running for their dreams!  One of our ribbons said, “my dream is to get a good job so I can move to a safer neighborhood.” =) I was praying for that sweet one while running this morning.

Many thanks to so many of you who donated to support this beautiful cause. If you missed that opportunity, please consider donating today as they have a generous donor who is willing to match $ for $ up to $10,000 today only.  Wow!  Cool!  Donate HERE.

We had a blast.  Apparently Ethan had a little difficulty the last .05 miles of the race and nearly refused to finish…we think that all of the cheering must have made him nervous.  Micah and I were a about ten minutes behind (holy moly, hills!) and E continued to ask me why I was so much slower than him.  Thanks, buddy. =D

IMG_6280 IMG_9940 IMG_9953 IMG_9955 IMG_6281 IMG_9957 IMG_6303 IMG_9971 IMG_9974 IMG_9985 IMG_9989 IMG_9994 IMG_6283 IMG_6293

Awesome morning!

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