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The boys have been enjoying watching, “Finding Nemo” a lot lately.  The “shark part” is their favorite part…which is odd because it’s scary and Micah always needs to snuggle during it.  Maybe that’s why they like it. =)

IMG_6109 IMG_9869

We had our last day of BSF.  Next year, Micah and I will be studying the life of Moses, but Ethan will be in preschool.


Micah and I go for runs every now and then while E is at school.  Then we usually play at the park for a bit, too.

IMG_6152 IMG_6134


Ethan loves to learn.  We got two math games from our cousins and E absolutely loves playing both of them.  Thank you, Mel and Joel!  We SO appreciate your hand-me-downs. =)

IMG_6144 IMG_6141

The backyard is still a mess…but it will be sodded this summer.  Here are the boys picking some lovely flowers from back there:

IMG_6146 IMG_6149

At the beginning of this month, Mike went on a golf trip with some other men from our church, including our pastor.  He had a wonderful time!  Here are the boys giving daddio goodnight hugs one of the nights:

IMG_6155 IMG_6156 IMG_9928

Ethan is getting VERY confident on his scooter these days:

I LOVE forts.  I love them.  I really wish my boys would let me in after I build one for them….

IMG_6173 IMG_6177

Micah still loves pockets:



We found two tiny snails outside!  I really, really wanted to keep them as our pets…the boys were fairly interested in them for a while, too.  But snails are pretty slow-moving….

IMG_6237 IMG_6233

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