Learning Countries

Ethan loves to learn countries and it’s a humbling learning process for me, too, as I’ve never had to learn them.  It’s the most fascinating thing watching Ethan learn them…ahh, to see the world through their eyes.

Iran –> “I ran.” (he takes off running down the hall)

There are two countries that are food –> “Turkey” and “Chile”

“Mali” –> “Hey, Caroline’s (from preschool) mom is Molly!”

“Barbuda” –> laughter…sounds like “booty” I guess

“Ethiopia” –> “It has the first three letters of my name!”

“Sudan” –> “Hey! That one kind of rhymes with Japan!”

IMG_6304 IMG_6308

He’s got 40 of the top 50 countries (according to the iPad game) down very well and can get the others with a little help.  Micah likes to help with the really big countries like Russia, China and Brazil.

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