Mother’s Day

I always try to get a picture of me with my boys on Mother’s Day…many years it just doesn’t work very well. Sigh.

IMG_0020 IMG_0031 IMG_0059 IMG_6324 IMG_0064 IMG_0062 IMG_0063


Mother’s Day 2013:

IMG_5974 IMG_5981 IMG_0628

Mother’s Day 2012:

IMG_3069 2 IMG_3066 2

Mother’s Day 2011 (pregnant with Micah):

IMG_0056 2 IMG_0059 2

Mother’s Day 2010 (we were in Wisconsin and I don’t have any pics of just Ethan and I…but here are a few from that trip…the one of Jen and I is on Mother’s Day):

100_4049 Ethan, fruit pop-3-s Cass, Hana, Jess, Ethan, May, 2010-s Jess and Jen, May 2010-s

Mother’s Day 2009 (pregnant with Ethan):


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