Preschool Graduation Program

Ethan finished his first school year last week.  He will be going back to preschool next year in the young 5s class along with one other classmate from this year…all the other kids are already 5 and will be starting kindergarten next year.  Ethan is excited to go back to JCBC next year and is glad that Ms. Angie will be his teacher again!  We absolutely loved his experience this year and love that we have the opportunity to go again next year.  He participated in the graduation program with no problem at all and had a blast at the after-party. OH my word.

IMG_6410 IMG_6416 IMG_6411 IMG_6417

I know this is more than enough videos….let’s be honest, it’s overkill.  But please remember that this blog acts as a journal for us. =D

Here are their first two songs, “You are my Sunshine” and “PRAY”.  (Micah now sings “PRAY” around the house)

And here’s “A Rock in my Pocket”:

Their poem about what they learned in school:

Ethan’s “graduation”.  We are so thankful that they chose to celebrate him and his other friend that aren’t officially graduating until next year!!

And here’s the very ending:

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