Farewell to our Explorer

Well…it was finally time to say goodbye to our Explorer this weekend.  Mike bought it right after he graduated high school and drove it to college.  His car was the reason we first talked to each other.  The day we met I asked Mike for a ride to the service project we were doing.  The rest, as they say, is history!

Here’s a throwback to our freshman year of college when we first met…not the very first day…but it’s the first picture of me in Mike’s car! =)


Here’s one from one of our many road trips from the dating days.  I believe this was in Wisconsin, checking out the lighthouse his grandpa used to run. Crazy!

R1-20A 2

And here it is the day we said goodbye (just ignore my awesome socks with flip flops, this was an unplanned picture):

IMG_0212 IMG_6565 IMG_6568 IMG_0222 IMG_0225 IMG_0233

And here we are welcoming the newest addition to our family: our new 4runner!!

IMG_0245IMG_0243  IMG_0250

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