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We are loving life here in Georgia.  Yes, it is HOT and HUMID and there are WAY too many bugs…but we are loving life.  We are trying to be very intentional with our time here, being sure to make lots of memories and to really experience Georgia.  Daily life consists of lots of trips to various parks and playing with our friends.

Webb Bridge Park is one of our favorite spots.  It’s close to our home and is nice and shady.  We have been going there every week with some ladies from BSF – awesome!!  This past week we were there when they turned on the water for the first time of the summer at the sand park!  Woot woot!!

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The whole Cleve Crew checked out a new (to us) park called, “Rock Mill Park” last weekend.  It’s a beautiful little walking/hiking/biking spot fairly close to us.  We saw “lots” of wildlife there, like a snake, a few worms, some squirrels, and a bunny.

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It rains here a lot, but that doesn’t stop us from having fun!  I sent the boys out to run in the rain a couple nights ago.  They LOVED it and were yelling, “I’m running in the rain” while running around without their shirts on and splashing in puddles.

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And today we went to a Farmers Market in Roswell, about twenty minutes away.  We didn’t get there until it was close to closing time, so we missed out on some cool things (like EGGS!! and strawberries).  Next week we’ll check out the Farmers Market in Alpharetta, probably about fifteen minutes away.  We LOVED it and are so excited about it.  The boys fell asleep on the way home. =)

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