Grandma Cleve’s Visit: Pt 1

We really enjoyed having Grandma Cleve with us all last week!  We tried to keep a good balance of doing regular life and adding in some extra fun, too.  The first part of the week we did things around our house – trips to the farmers market, a park, our pool, and Lake Lanier.  The second part of the week (which will be “part 2”) we drove to Florida, by way of St. Simons Island and Hinesville (which is one of the places Mike and his family lived growing up), Georgia.

Farmers Market:

IMG_7004 IMG_1634 IMG_7009 IMG_7013 IMG_0660

Rock Mill Park (enjoying homemade Lara bars):

IMG_7047IMG_7034 IMG_7058  IMG_0686 IMG_0759 IMG_0730 IMG_0781

Father’s Day at Lake Lanier:

IMG_7049 IMG_0796 IMG_0801 IMG_7076 IMG_7073

Quick Target trip to get new sandals for Moshi, water shoes for E, and a pot for my basil: IMG_7061

Playing, reading and coloring at the house:

IMG_7027IMG_7063 IMG_1651 IMG_7066 IMG_7078 IMG_1663

We had a snap a few pictures of our crazy weeds before our massive backyard landscaping project is underway…they were literally taller than people!  And, of course, we picked some lovely flowers while we were out there:

IMG_7085 IMG_1668 IMG_7092

Enjoying our neighborhood pool:

IMG_7094 IMG_7097

A few quick CUTE pictures before Grandma Cleve left:IMG_1268 IMG_1280 IMG_1308


Part one of Granda Cleve’s trip was from Saturday-Wednesday morning.  We really enjoyed showing her what every day life is like around here.  Last time she visited we didn’t have a home church or know very many cool places to show her, so this was lots of fun for us.  We also had the opportunity to go out on a date with some people from Mike’s work, a blessing we were SO grateful to have!  We forgot to snap a picture of us out on the town…oops!

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