Grandma Cleve’s Visit: Pt 2

On Wednesday morning, we packed up the 4Runner and headed to Hinesville, GA.  We ate lunch there and saw Mike’s old house and elementary school.  We also spent a little bit of time on the army base, Fort Stewart.

IMG_0804 IMG_0809 IMG_1692 IMG_7107 IMG_7117 IMG_7122 IMG_0815 IMG_1697

We spent the rest of that afternoon and the following morning on St. Simons Island.  We got an awesome hotel right on the beach and really enjoyed those 24 hours there.  We will definitely visit again!  At the beach we saw lots of crabs, including a big horseshoe crab, and a sting ray.

IMG_1715 IMG_0863IMG_1729 IMG_1737 IMG_1738 IMG_1741 IMG_1747 IMG_1753 IMG_0870 IMG_0874 IMG_7138 IMG_1770 IMG_1783 IMG_1784

Then we drove to Orlando, Florida, where we spent two days.  We met up with our friends, Brandon, Kelsey and Piper, there and enjoyed a delicious meal at the House of Blues.  We spent one day at Blizzard Beach.  We had a blast there!!  Unfortunately our time there was cut short by a big storm (including lots of lightning), so we spent the last bit of our time there huddled under a shelter with a bunch of other people.  Everyone was in good spirits there (for the most part), but especially Micah.  He was shouting, “I love ALL my new people.  I am so happy to be here with all my new people.”

IMG_0926IMG_0908 IMG_0911 IMG_1803 IMG_1806 IMG_0916 IMG_0921 IMG_0919  IMG_0938IMG_0934IMG_7140IMG_7144IMG_7147IMG_0942IMG_0944IMG_0950IMG_0953


Mike, Brandon and Ethan went golfing the morning before our trip home.  E was super excited because he had never been golfing with Brandon before.  I think it lived up to his expectations. =) The rest of us spent some time at the hotel and at the pool.

IMG_1005 IMG_1007 IMG_1017 IMG_1021 IMG_1053 IMG_1059 IMG_7158 IMG_7155 IMG_1840 IMG_7163

Before we left for the trip home, we stopped by the Art of Animation Disney hotel and walked through some of the themed areas outside.  AMAZING.  They had a wing devoted to all things “Cars” and another wing devoted to “Finding Nemo”…two of our absolute favorites.  As you can see, Ethan really loved posing for pictures with each of the characters.  Hilarious.

IMG_1065 IMG_1856 IMG_1860 IMG_1077 IMG_1862 IMG_1084 IMG_1867 IMG_1135 IMG_7171 IMG_1873 IMG_1875 IMG_1153 IMG_7175 IMG_1156 IMG_1168 IMG_1174 IMG_1179 IMG_1184 IMG_1188 IMG_1193 IMG_1898 IMG_1208 IMG_1214 IMG_1222 IMG_1242 IMG_7170

Thankfully a few of the hours home consisted of boys sleeping.  Their teeny tiny blankets sure came in handy on this trip!

IMG_7167 IMG_7168


What a blast!  We loved spending time with Grandma Cleve and the Gossetts.  We are blessed with great friends and great family!

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