I seem to have a lot of pictures of food and of the boys making snacks this month, so I am devoting this post to FOOD!

We bought an eggplant from the Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago.  SO, not only did I eat my very first eggplant, I also cooked my very first eggplant.  As I recall, we all liked it but felt like we needed a little more to eat afterwards:

IMG_7434 IMG_1757

Here are the boys making Caveman Crunch (similar to granola):IMG_7521 IMG_7528


I also made (and ate) my very first portobello mushroom pizza.  Micah was not a fan, but Ethan gobbled it right up:



Here are my guys making our first popsicles of the summer (coconut…VERY good): IMG_7702 IMG_7705 IMG_1849 IMG_7708 IMG_7711 IMG_7713 IMG_7717 IMG_7719


Mike made two delicious meals this weekend (homemade chicken salad and chilled avocado soup with crab). YUM!

IMG_1848 IMG_7720

Here are the boys enjoying a yummy watermelon.  I love these pics:

IMG_7730 IMG_7738 IMG_7732 IMG_7745


And here they are making more popsicles (watermelon mint).  Clearly we have a difficult time posing for pictures.  Inevitably I am saying, “boys, look at the camera” and they are both saying, “we are” while looking off into space somewhere…or just plain forgetting to smile while doing so.

IMG_7750 IMG_7751 IMG_7757 IMG_7758 IMG_7759


And here’s my little basil snatcher:

IMG_7765 IMG_7763

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