Everyday Life

Ethan has been working very hard on copying a chapter from his Winnie-the-Pooh books for a few weeks now.  I think he’s written 3 full pages from the book.IMG_7669 IMG_7668

Here are the boys enjoying some of their new art supplies from Grandma. Micah loves using the glue.  Thankfully it washes off because he decided to glue some of the carpet while I was in the other room.

IMG_7675 IMG_7746 IMG_7747 IMG_7748 IMG_7797 IMG_7800

Ethan helped me color this picture of a farm that I drew.  Then I cut it up into crazy pieces to make a new puzzle for him.

IMG_7802 IMG_7801

Here are the guys sharing a little trail mix at one of our favorite parks: Webb Bridge.  Ethan keeps accidentally calling it “spring mix” which I think is hilarious.

IMG_7671 IMG_7672

The store “Kid to Kid” has a tiny door just for kids to use.  The boys thought it was absolutely awesome!

IMG_7686 IMG_7687

The other day Whole Foods had gelato to sample.  The boys LOVED this little treat!

IMG_7689 IMG_7690

Here’s Micah on his way to Whole Foods with just his Daddio.  Though you can’t tell it from this picture, he was pretty excited to get some special one-on-one time with him!IMG_1847

Mike taught Ethan how to play “Crazy 8s” a few nights ago.  We had LOTS of fun playing it together!

IMG_7721 IMG_7725


Here are the boys enjoying those watermelon popsicles we made yesterday….  Micah really, really loved it.  I think Ethan and I would prefer a different flavor next time.

IMG_7779 IMG_7771 IMG_7775 IMG_7784

Both boys now officially have goggles and they love them.  They wore them while we read books, while they watched a show, and even while they ran around outside.IMG_7793 IMG_7796

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