Our Yard

We are SO happy to report that our yard has officially been transformed.  We have been taking baby steps since we moved here in January of 2013, but the last month has brought about new life to this place and we are so excited to show it to you.  My apologies for the over-abundance of pictures.

January 2013:

IMG_4608 IMG_4496 IMG_4602 IMG_5201 IMG_5239

Here’s the side of the house, sometime in March of 2013 (I believe):IMG_9610 yard detail

Here’s the other side of the house:


Last summer, we worked with our friend from church to build a beautiful patio.  We are SO grateful to him for all of his hard work and for showing us how to do everything!

IMG_5864 IMG_5871IMG_5873IMG_6954IMG_7154

We took out the big bushes in the front by ourselves and planted new bushes/plants sometime last fall:

IMG_6567  IMG_2923

We also took this beast out and worked with our neighbor to build a retaining wall and plant roses there instead.

IMG_2587 IMG_2588 IMG_2682  IMG_2919

Here’s what our place looked like in early June:

IMG_7085IMG_0650IMG_1315IMG_1343 IMG_1296 IMG_1310IMG_1346  IMG_1322 IMG_1328 IMG_1330

And here’s what it looks like now:

IMG_1784 IMG_7289 IMG_1787 IMG_1794 IMG_1793 IMG_1809 IMG_7803 IMG_7804 IMG_7805 IMG_7806 IMG_7807 IMG_7808 IMG_7809


We still have some more to do, but my word, for right now we are going to enjoy this!!

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