Catching up…

Okay, folks, soon there will be a massive post (or a couple shorter posts) about the Cleve Crew’s latest adventures.  We’ve been on the road for the past week and have lots to share.  However, I still have a few pictures to post from before our trip…so this will have to suffice for all of you curious people waiting to see all of our fun! =)

The boys and I looked after our neighbors’ cats a couple of weeks ago.  The boys had an absolute blast and truly believed those cats were waiting for them to come and play with them.

IMG_7812 IMG_7818 IMG_7824IMG_7889


The boys and I worked on a canvas to give to Cass when we went on our trip together.  We had a blast doing it and were very proud of it.  The boys absolutely love painting!

IMG_7833  IMG_7843 IMG_7856IMG_7862


They painted some other pictures after the canvas was done:


We’ve been making more popsicles lately…and even enjoyed one after PLAYING IN OUR BACKYARD the other day!

IMG_7869 IMG_7886 IMG_7875IMG_7928 IMG_7915 IMG_7911

We went to Piedmont Park downtown a couple of weekends ago with some friends from Mike’s work.  It’s a really nice park and we had a blast.  For some reason the pictures aren’t downloading well, but the picture on the side of our website of Micah cupping his face is also from that park.

IMG_1856 IMG_7890

More to come soon….

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