Continuing to catch up…

The boys are up from their rest now, but are working on coloring and doing beads.  I wanted to finish the “catch up” phase of posting so that I will be ready to start posting pictures and stories from our travels soon.

Mikey made us calamari.  The boys were not impressed, but I was!

IMG_7896 IMG_7898 IMG_7899


We saw a few deer in the golf course behind our house again!  The boys ran to get their cameras.


We love spending time at the pool up our street.  Ethan was trying to teach Micah how to put his face under the water.  Micah tells me that he can do it now, but he barely lets his mouth touch the water, so I am skeptical.

IMG_7937 IMG_7940


We went to a splash park with our dear friends.  Our kids spent much of the time in the puddle… Sigh. =)  Still a great time!!

IMG_7945 IMG_7990IMG_7952

A few nights before our trip we had beautiful weather, so I took the boys on a walk to meet Daddio on the road.  They thought it was a blast!!

IMG_7970 IMG_7975 IMG_7978 IMG_7985

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