Road Trip: Indiana (part 2)!

On Sunday, we worshipped together at a church about an hour away (closer to our destination for that afternoon) and then continued on our way to Fair Oaks Farm to tour a dairy farm and a pig farm.  We did, indeed, have a “dairy good time”.  This was where we said goodbye to most of the family.  

FOF33 FOF32 Group-2 IMG_8101IMG_8490  IMG_8107 FOF-3 FOF-4 IMG_8126 IMG_8129 IMG_8136 IMG_8134 FOF-6 IMG_8148 FOF18 FOF19 FOF24 IMG_8157 IMG_8167 IMG_8171 IMG_8187

The Denver clan, my parents, and my brother and his family stayed the night near the Indiana Dunes and spent part of Monday together there.

Motel (1 of 1) Motel (1 of 1)-4 Motel (1 of 1)-6 IMG_8202 Sand Dunes (1 of 1)-2 Sand Dunes (1 of 1)-3 Sand Dunes (1 of 1)-8 Sand Dunes (1 of 1)-11 Sand Dunes (1 of 1)-9 Sand Dunes (1 of 1)-10 Sand Dunes (1 of 1)-13 Sand Dunes (1 of 1)-14 Sand Dunes (1 of 1)-4 Sand Dunes (1 of 1)-6

After a fun filled morning, we cleaned up and headed to Wisconsin for part 2 of our vacation!  What a blast!

Photo Credit: all of the really good pictures that are exceptionally crisp and clear were taken by my Dad.  He’s pretty talented.  Thanks, Pa, for doing such a great job capturing this trip!!

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