Road Trip: Indiana!

Every summer the Fennema side of my family (my mom’s side) gets together for a vacation.  You may remember last year we spent a few wonderful days on a houseboat in Missouri.  This year we went to Shipshewana, Indiana.  We didn’t think we could make it this year due to the dates of the trip, but we got creative when we saw that we would be the only family not in attendance this year if we missed it.  Mike was still unable to go, unfortunately, but my dad flew down to Atlanta and drove the boys and I up to Indiana.  We are SO thankful that he did – what a wonderful time!

I’m going to break this vacation post into a few separate posts to keep things organized:

  • Part One = Shipshewana, IN
  • Part Two = Wisconsin (including Green Bay)
  • Part Three = Cincinnati, OH (this has already been posted about, but I wanted to show the sequence of the trip)

I believe the boys and I put a good 2,500 miles under our belts in the span of 11 days.  We drove at least 2 hours every 2 days, but often more.  And truly, these boys were pretty amazing in the car!! 

My dad and I drove from Atlanta to Seymour, Indiana on the first day.  We made a few stops for snacks, lunch, and races.  We got a hotel in Seymour and spent the evening hiking around a wildlife refuge and eating our dinner there.

IMG_7995 IMG_7999 Trip-1 IMG_8006 Trip-1-2 IMG_8013 Trip-1-3 Trip-1-6 IMG_8024 IMG_8025 IMG_8028 Trip-1-7 Trip-1-17 Trip-1-16 Trip-1-12


The next day we drove just under four hours to Das Dutchman Essenhaus for lunch with the family and then on to Shipshewana, where we all stayed the weekend.  We played in the pool that evening and had a pizza party.  These boys were particularly glad to see their cousins again.  Micah referred to them as “his new friends” and Ethan will still tell you that some of the highlights of this trip were playing in the pool with his cousins, playing in the parking lot with his cousins, and going to the beach with his cousins. =)

IMG_8032 IMG_8034 IMG_8039 DDE-1-2 DDE-1-3 DDE-1-5 DDE-1-6 DDE-1-10 DDE-1-11 DDE-1-13 IMG_8048 DDE-1-15  Young boys-2 Young boys-1Catch James, EthanIMG_8053 Pizza-1 Pizza-1-6 IMG_8052


The next day we had breakfast at the hotel and went for a walk.  We also had lunch in town.  Most of the family went to an Amish play that evening, but we stayed back with Lauren and Ivan since we didn’t think we could sit through a whole play quite yet!  When they returned, we celebrated August birthdays with some yummy desserts!!

Breakfast-6 Countries-3 IMG_8054 Walk-1IMG_8058 big chair  Walk, Jess, Micahjoghorse and buggyend of walkhotel, walkersIMG_8074Party (1 of 1)-12Party (1 of 1)-21Party (1 of 1)-22Party (1 of 1)-27IMG_8086


More to come from our time in Shipshewana…  This was a long post already and it only covered 3 days!!  Sunday and Monday will be included in the next post.

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