Ethan and Hana

As I was going through pictures to find for one of my previous posts about Mike’s weekend in California, I ran across a lot of cute pictures of Ethan and Hana together over the years.  You’ve seen most of these pictures in years past, but I wanted to have them all in one post…the best of the best of the two of them over the years:

This is when I met Hana and was pregnant with Ethan, but didn’t know it.


Easter of 2009, a couple of months before Ethan was born: 

100_2206 IMG_3469  

When Cass first met Ethan (no Hana, but it was still worth adding to this compilation): 

IMG_0102 2

When our kiddos first met: 

Cass, Hana, Jess, Ethan, May, 2010-s 100_4054

Cass’ trip to Colorado, without Hana this year: 


This was the best picture I have from this time together.  We went to Monkey Joes around Christmas together.DSC01415 DSC01405

Hana and Cass came out to Colorado to visit us: 

100_6173 IMG-20110826-00189 100_6232 DSC02705 IMG_2087

Hana and Cass came out to Colorado again!  This time Micah was born: 

100_8163 IMG_3325 IMG_3301 IMG_3285

Seeing them in Wisconsin: 



Our Louisville family trip in 2013:

IMG_1900 IMG_6764 IMG_6857

Christmas 2013: 


Cincinnati Family trip 2014: 

IMG_8620 IMG_8629 IMG_8479 IMG_8677


She has a special place in our hearts. =)

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