Micah and Ellie

So there aren’t nearly as many pictures of the two of these cuties together, but I wanted to be sure to post the ones we do have.  In a few years these two posts will come in very handy. =) E and Hana both really enjoy making people smile (read: like to people please a bit), so getting them to pose for pictures is fairly easy.  We have a little bit harder time with these two because they BOTH have to be in the same mood…and when they are…they are hilarious!!  We look forward to getting lots more pictures in the coming years.

Here they are in Louisville, in 2013: 

IMG_1905 IMG_6791 IMG_5199.crop.j

Christmas 2013: 


Cincinnati 2014: 

IMG_8546 IMG_8663

We absolutely love this little girl!!

And here the four of them are together!  We look forward to many more family vacations with these girls!!IMG_8705

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