Cass and Jess over the years

In keeping with my latest two posts, I wanted to share a brief one from pictures of Cass and I over the years.  This girl has changed my life for the better and our relationship has evolved a lot over the years.  I met her the summer before my sophomore year of high school….so we only actually lived near each other for 3 of the 15 years of our friendship.  Crazy.  We do long-distance very well, but I do hope to live near each other someday… =)

This is my graduation from high school.  There are more pictures from before this, of course, but they are even more embarrassing than this one….so since this is my journal/blog, I get to decide what to post. =D



And this is her high school graduation:


This is from our first double date with our (now) hubbies.


Cass’ wedding in May 2005:


A fun double date with the old married couple: 


Our wedding, July 2006: 


We stayed at the same hotel the night after our wedding.  So, we saw them in the lobby the next morning.  SO cool.


We were able to come back to Wisconsin for Cassia’s graduation from college: DSCN4643

Here are some more pics over the years.  We always try to get a picture each time we see each other because we don’t see each other all that often!  

DSCN3716 Jess & Cass

And we are SO thankful that our guys get along so well.  They are good sports about the crazy things Cass and I do…like buying them matching pj pants for our pajama party one Christmas.  

IMG_1519 this one too

These pictures are from my absolute favorite double date of all times.  We stayed together the ENTIRE evening, playing games and darts and just laughing all night.  The second picture is them the following morning at my parents’ house.DSCN3687 this DSCN3693    

And this was the latest time we were together.  Love this girl.

Jess, Cass (1 of 1)

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