I picked out an awesome (if I say so myself) Fair Trade apron (I’ve never had one before!) with birthday money from my parents.  I got it from Dsenyo (thanks for the suggestion, Jen).  Check them out at  Here it is in all it’s glory: 


 Because I was busy cooking in my new apron, I felt fancy and decided to take a picture of our meal.  I only made the eggplant parmesan; I have never made sushi.  And that absolutely beautiful loaf of bread was a gift from our sweet Swiss neighbors…and it was amazingly good. =)


Ethan absolutely loves to help cook.  I’ve been working on teaching him how to chop with a real knife (eek).  He loves it and now takes FULL credit every time WE (I mean, he…) make chicken salad together.

IMG_9031 IMG_9032

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