Family Time

Ethan and I found our “squingy heads” (AKA wine glass charms) and let them ride on our Lightning McQueens.  We thought we were being pretty funny, so Daddy took a picture of us.


We have been heading to the track as a family about once a week to do various work outs.  The boys love to run on the track, but Micah’s favorite part is collecting “all of his beautiful rocks” and showing them to us when we get back from a lap.  We always play frisbee or football afterwards, too.

IMG_9035 IMG_9041 IMG_9044

We also play soccer in the house a lot.  Nevermind the picture frame that is missing…soccer in the house sometimes means that picture frames fall off the wall.  

IMG_9098 IMG_9094 IMG_9097 IMG_9100 IMG_9104 IMG_9115

We have a new family favorite: Rummikub.  Ethan won his very first game against his Daddio.  Micah likes to sit with us and sometimes taunt his Daddy from the couch yelling (over and over and over again), “you can’t get me! I’m on base!”

IMG_2044 IMG_9119 IMG_9120IMG_9123IMG_9124IMG_9127

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