So, while E is off at school, Moshi and Mommy get a little extra one-on-one time.  We’ve been making the most of it, although I’m surprised how little time we actually have!  We spent some time making popsicles and lara bars.  We also are working on learning numbers and states.  

IMG_9153 IMG_9157


We went shopping at Kid to Kid, which is a consignment shop nearby, and Micah LOVES walking in the special pink door by himself.  I appreciate it, too, since I get 20% off any “toy” I purchase when I post it on Instagram.  I found flashcards to help teach Ethan how to tell time (and eventually Moshi)!!  

IMG_9171 IMG_9175 IMG_9196 IMG_9192

Micah has been cracking me up lately, so I wanted to make sure to post some of his funny quotes: 

“Even my pinkie promise is dirty!” (referring to his pinkie finger)



He has started to say his own prayers during the boys’ sleepovers.  They usually go something like this, “Dear Jesus…thank you for all the things we’re thankful for (though last night he said, “please be with all the things we are thankful for”) and…Jesus, please be with us whenever we’re scared (he got this one from Ethan)…and…Jesus and the cross…I don’t know that part….in Jesus name. Amen.”

Tonight he asked me, “when is your husband going to wrestle me?”  Oh my word.  His little personality is really starting to shine and it’s pretty funny.

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