Preschool Week #1

Ethan has had a great first week of preschool.  He’s actually napping right now for the first time in a couple weeks!!  Woot woot!  He seems to be really enjoying himself and is getting lots of positive reinforcement.  Yesterday and today he came home with a special appreciation “sticker” on his shirt.  Yesterday he apparently helped his teacher by putting away books without being asked.  Today, he has no idea what he did, but he’s still pretty proud of it.  =)

IMG_9224 IMG_9226


He made a puzzle at school this week.  We had fun putting it together.  It’s really nice to see how proud he is of all of his work.IMG_9204 IMG_9205 IMG_9208 IMG_9202 IMG_9210


As soon as Ethan gets into the car after school, he checks to see if he earned a sticker that day.  He also immediately hands his lunchbox to Micah, who inspects it to make sure Ethan ate his whole meal.  One day this week E didn’t finish it and Micah promptly asked if he could eat the rest of E’s lunch for his snack when he got up from his rest.  He felt like SUCH a big kid doing that.  Note to self: give Micah a lunch in a lunchbox every now and then. =)  He also likes the ice packs and says he has “owies” that need ice.  


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