Stories about Micah/Moshi

Yes, it’s true that Micah will still correct you if you call him Micah instead of Moshi.  We’re hoping this cute phase will be done before he starts school.  It’s my understanding that I required everyone to call me “Sarah Lee” when I was growing up (despite never having those treats), so he does come by it honestly.  Here are some more funny stories about Moshi: 

He has been calling his food “his family” lately.  For example, he had 4 grapes left on his plate and refused to eat them because they were “his family”: mommy, daddy, Efan, and Moshi.  He never did eat that family….  Today he told me, “I don’t want to eat the family.  Wah!  That’s the baby” referring to his three meat and cheese roll ups.  It’s an odd conversation to have…eventually I told him he had to eat the whole family so that they could be a family in his belly.

The other day I was trying to play with Micah…I was sitting on the wood by the playroom.  He insisted that I “bring my booty in the play room”.

Apparently I once told my boys that they were wasting our time.  My intent was to use some love and logic (and basic obvious common sense consequence) to let Micah know that if we had to sit at the table while he was eating for much longer, we would not have time to play before bedtime.  (He was probably faced with the moral dilemma of eating his family again.)  Now, every time we are sitting down to eat and Micah is taking a little longer than the rest of us…he says, “Am I wasting your time, Mama?”  I had to tell him, “spending time with you is never a waste of my time” even though I really do believe he should speed up his mealtime routine so that we can get on with our playtime. =)

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