The Weekend

We spent some time doing yard work on Friday evening.  The boys absolutely loved helping Daddio mow the lawn.  E also loved sweeping the stairs and the driveway for us.

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Saturday we had the birthday party (see previous post) and also played tennis and swam in the pool.  The boys had to fuel up before playing tennis.

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I don’t love when our boys pretend to shoot things, but it seems to be something little boys love to do.  So, here’s Micah shooting fireworks!  I can handle that kind of shooting. =)  



Today we had a great time at church.  Micah saw one of his teachers in the parking lot and waved to her and then wanted to wait for her before going into his classroom.  He often is pretty unsure about saying goodbye to us at church and likes to let everyone know about it.  Today he walked right in and waved to me, saying, “Bye, Mom.”  Big boy!  Ethan continues to do very well in the service with us.  He starts out by copying my notes, but then often finishes by coloring some pictures or doing word searches.  He loves it, though, and our church family does SUCH a great job of welcoming him and making him feel very special.

We also watched some football.  Micah saw that we had football on TV when he came down from his rest and needed to get their football sheet (the one that has pictures of a uniform for every team in the NFL) to see if he could figure out who was playing the game.


We also played some more soccer and Daddy did a lot of wrestling.  We couldn’t play outside because of the thunderstorms, but we sure did enjoy watching God’s handiwork – we love storms!!

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