A Day with Micah

Micah and I visited a new grocery store that opened this week near our house.  We got to try a lot of samples, which is what Micah likes best about going grocery shopping.  He also got two balloons, one for him and one for Ethan, and two stickers.  Proud mama moment: he came up with wanting to share a balloon and a sticker, not me!

IMG_9437 IMG_9438 IMG_9440

He has been working on puzzles, but it’s not something he wants to do for long.  I can tell he loves to finish one, but he doesn’t always have a lot of joy while doing it.  So, it’s something we do every couple of days.


Micah likes to make tea for me and adds lots of interesting things to it.IMG_9444

But most often, Micah likes to race his cars.  I hear these six words many, many times a day: “Which one are you cheering for?”  He says it about cars, but he also wants to know which coloring crayon I am cheering for and which sweet potato fry I am cheering for, etc. etc. etc.  The only other phrase that comes close is, “on your mark…get set…go!”IMG_9452 IMG_9543

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  1. Sometimes it catches me off guard, Amanda, how much alike they look. And then other times…I don’t see much similarity at all (except those big brown eyes, of course). =)

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