Wednesday Nights at the Track

Okay, so this doesn’t happen every Wednesday night…but we do make a point to go as often as we can.  There’s a track about ten or fifteen minutes away from our house and it’s the perfect place for Mike and I to do a work out together and for the boys to join in on parts of it.  This past Wednesday, Micah ran around the track 3 times!  Ethan rode his scooter around it about 3 times, too.  We love being active together and having a blast.  Micah is also interested in riding Ethan’s old scooter, so we brought it along this last time and pushed him around for a while so he could get used to balancing.  It’s still a little big for him, but this will be a great place to practice!

IMG_9461 IMG_9460 IMG_9465 IMG_9455 IMG_9470 IMG_9486

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