Quick Daily Life Catch Up

The other night we “rented” Frozen from our neighbors.  We like to push the couches together and snuggle while we watch a movie all together.  They liked the movie pretty well, but were laughing hysterically every time Olaf talked – he made the movie for them!IMG_9552 IMG_9553

Last weekend we went to the pool after Mikey finished mowing the lawn.  This might have been our last time at the pool, but I am not sure when it’s closing…IMG_9557 IMG_9563 IMG_9566

We were cat-watching for our other neighbors last week.  Micah and Ethan each have a cat that is “theirs” and they have an absolute blast watching over “their” cat.IMG_9569 IMG_9575

The boys played some golf in the front yard: IMG_9579 IMG_9580

Micah absolutely LOVES samples.  Every time we go to a grocery store, he searches for the samples and is willing to try just about anything.


Both of our boys enjoy playing Rummikub now.  Micah prefers to play it “all by himself” so that he doesn’t have to lay down any of the tiles and can just keep grabbing more and more of them.


We had some fun at the track last night…followed by Chipotle.  Mike and I both ran a mile with breaks to do squats and push ups in between.  I’m not exactly sure what this type of work out is called, but it’s supposed to be similar to how a caveman would survive…short sprinting, heavy lifting, but nothing that lasts all that long.  Anyway, I just share that to say that it’s been MUCH more enjoyable and something our whole family can do together.  There’s another (similar idea) concept called “tabata” which is basically doing 4 minute high intensity work outs…A good example is sprinting for 20 seconds and then walking for 10 seconds – Repeat 7 more times for a total of 8 sets (which equals approximately four minutes).  It’s lots of fun and literally means I work out less than 5 minutes on most days….I can usually find 5 minutes somewhere in my day. =/  The boys love challenging us to sprints or to do push ups with them, so it keeps them engaged, too.  Win, win (win, win, win, for those of you who are fans of The Office)


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