Our Time Indoors

Once a month or so the boys and I head to the library to get some new books.  They spend their time coloring and doing word searches, while I grab as many interesting books as I can.

IMG_0193 IMG_0194

E still loves to play Rummikub as soon as gets up from his rest.  Micah loves to “play” Rummikub as well…although it’s a lot more challenging to convince him to actually lay down his tiles.


We also try to do some iPad time to learn math and countries.  I do not want to brag about my kiddos because that’s obnoxious, but you are on this site because you love them and like to know what they are up to….so I am going to include how good E is getting at doing his countries.  (I have never been good with geography, so this may not be saying much, but he literally taught me where some countries are!  Humble Mom moment.)

IMG_0235 IMG_0236IMG_0281IMG_0280 

Micah and I try to do some cards or iPad time during the day, too.  He isn’t quite as interested in doing it, but can figure it out pretty quickly if he’s in the mood. 😉IMG_0260 IMG_0263

Micah also loves to color and has been working on pictures to tape on his door to “decorate his room”.


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