Ethan has really loved school this year and seems to be doing very well.  There are 14 kids in his class and he’s a pretty big fan of one of the boys in his class.  Sitting next to him or being in centers with him is always what he mentions first when he gets in the car.

We took some pictures of some of the art projects he’s been working on at school:

IMG_0328 IMG_0331

They had a petting zoo last week.  His sweet teachers take pictures of events at school and post them on the shared class website, so I grabbed a few to share here:

IMG_0746.JPG (2) IMG_0749 IMG_0755.JPG (2) IMG_0757

In the last month, Ethan has really grasped reading and does a really good job figuring out words by sounding them out and looking at the pictures for clues.  It’s really impressed us and is a lot of fun!  He is reading the Bible story to us every night now and plans to “read the whole Bible” to us.  =)  I don’t have any videos of him reading…that is on my to-do list…but here are a couple of pictures of him reading to Grandpa and Grandma on Skype the other night:

IMG_0368 IMG_0371 IMG_0372

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