I don’t want to forget the silly little things our boys say and I think they would be enjoyable to you, too…so I am just going to list a few of their quotes down here on my online journal:

-“Rummikub is too easy for me” -Micah

-“Do you want to go skippy toop in the loop?” -Ethan, referring to playing in the cul-de-sac, to his brother, who apparently knew exactly to what he was referring

-“…the whole week” -Micah  (this can be said with anything, such as, “I love you in the whole week” or “I want to wear this jacket for the whole week”)

-“Did you know that Burundi is UNDIE Rwanda?” -Ethan, laughing hysterically at our joke

-“Hey, Mom!  I have a question that’s a joke for you…. Did you marry a carrot?? *insert puzzled look from Mom*….JOKE!” -Ethan, attempting to tell a joke at dinner last night

-“Micah, would you please say our prayer tonight?” -Mom/Dad “My bead thing will….but can you help him??” And then his “bead thing” copies whatever we say as the prayer…but only the last couple of words in each sentence.

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