The boys and I checked out a new park earlier this week – Ocee Park.  I’ve been meaning to check it out for months, since it’s not far away.  Micah now calls this park the “park with the cave” – he absolutely loved playing hide and seek and hiding in the “cave” (behind the pretend rock wall).  E loved the excavator.

IMG_0567 IMG_0569 IMG_0577IMG_0576IMG_0572   IMG_0571IMG_0582

And today we spent some time at the park at the elementary school up the street.  Ethan wanted to practice doing the monkey bars.  He and his sweet friend, Hana, do such a nice job of motivating and encouraging each other (thankfully not competing at all) to do new things.  Hana was a little scared of doing it this fall, despite doing it last summer already, but when she saw pictures of Ethan trying it…she wanted to give it a try again.  And Ethan was only able to do a few bars in a row, but then he watched a video of Hana doing the whole thing and he wanted to keep working on it.  Today he was able to do it!!

IMG_0611 IMG_0613

Meanwhile, Micah reached a milestone of his own!  He climbed the rock wall all by himself.  Suddenly I feel like I have two really big boys!

IMG_0617 IMG_0622

Also, Ethan seems to have started “parkour”:

IMG_0625 IMG_0627 IMG_0631

For your viewing pleasure…Andy Bernard goes Hardcore Parkour:

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