Halloween Parade

You may recall that last year the Halloween Parade was a no-go.  I will spare you the drama, but will simply state that Ethan chose to spend the day in his room (even eating lunch there, as he told our sweet neighbors) until he normally would have gotten home from school had he chosen to participate in the parade.  This year, though, I am happy to say that E decided to give it a try and really had a great time!  He’s grown a lot over the year and definitely overcame his previous fear.  No problem whatsoever this year.

Here he is watching a show before school (no, I did not pose them like this.  And, yes, I thank God daily that these boys are such great buddies most of the time):


Ethan in carpool line just before the parade:


Parade time!  This is Ethan’s wonderful teacher and his best buddy at school:

IMG_0757 IMG_0723 IMG_0731 IMG_0735 IMG_0742

After school, showing off the “creepy” spider he made:


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