Interview with Micah

I interviewed Micah today.  He’s sick with a cold today, so it was a fun little thing to do while he played with play-doh.


What is your name?  I’m Moshi
How old are you?  I is 2 and a half
When is your birthday?  Three…(what month?) In December
What is your favorite color?  Blue
What is your favorite number?  Seven
What do you like to do for fun?  Um, play with racing cars and play with play-doh
Who is your best friend?  Uh, Ria and Amisha
What is your favorite song?  “Hey, oh! Hey, oh!” (Pompeii by Bastille)
What’s your favorite food?  Oatmeal and eggs and raisins and crab.  Gummy balls* Chipotle
What do you want to be when you grow up?  An astronaut and a spider man
What’s your favorite show?  Cars and Turbo and Tarzan and Color Crew and Planes
*Who even knows what those are??  I have never purchased them….

Micah then wanted to interview me, too. =) Such similar boys we have sometimes.

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