Ethan is thriving at school this year.  He seems to really enjoy it, although every now and then he asks if I can just be his teacher instead so that he can stay home with Micah and me.  He’s really been taking off with reading these days and his teacher told me this week that she was going to start sending him home with some extra books to continue to encourage his reading skills.  Very cool!  And his other teacher told me about how encouraging he is to the other kids at school…something we LOVE to hear!

Here are some pics of him at school and with art projects from school.

IMG_0292 IMG_0279 IMG_0973 IMG_0976  IMG_0855 IMG_0856

He woke up early a couple mornings while I was trying to have some quiet time, so he sat next to me and read books:


Love this kiddo!!

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