We love playing games in this house!  Ethan is especially eager to learn new games and always asks Mike to teach him something new to play.  He likes Rummikub, Rummy, Parcheesi, Rack-O, Chutes and Ladders, Go Fish, and War.

IMG_0843 IMG_0846 IMG_0851 IMG_0881 IMG_0891

Micah wasn’t feeling very well last week, so he rested on Ethan’s lap (and mine) while we played a game.  Ethan gave him kisses every now and then and patted his head.  It was very sweet.

IMG_1018 IMG_0993 IMG_0998

We played Ethan’s World, a game I made for Ethan when we lived in Colorado, this week.IMG_1069

Micah doesn’t quite have the patience (or age!!) to play for long, but we want it to be something we can all enjoy together.  SO I made us a new game to try: The Plane Game!  It’s pretty awesome… =) Sadly, I haven’t convinced Micah to try it with me, yet.  Ethan loves it and asks to play all the time.

IMG_1070 IMG_1071

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