This big boy loves cars, food, and things that are “beautiful”.  Going into any grocery store, Micah is instantly on the look out for samples.  He judges each store by the number and quality of his samples…Sprouts hasn’t had enough for him lately. =)

IMG_0861IMG_1063IMG_0955 IMG_0956

Going into other stores, Micah instantly seeks out things that are shiny and beautiful and wants to touch them.

IMG_1064 IMG_1065   IMG_0839 IMG_0841

And he could play with cars every single day of his life and be perfectly happy.  He asks anyone within earshot, “which car are you cheering for?” and then proceeds to let you know if your car is going to win.  I hear, “start…your…en…gines!” about a thousand times a day.

IMG_0950 IMG_0951 IMG_0952IMG_0943IMG_0944

He also loves to sit on our laps to listen to stories.  Some days he will sit for a good 45 minutes listening to book after book after book.

IMG_0871 IMG_0874

I love these jammies:


This picture cracks me up!  I have to show all sides of this complex boy. =/


And he’s starting to work towards wearing “Burundies” on his 3rd birthday:

IMG_0968 IMG_0969

He’s a wonderful big boy!!  We’re so excited to celebrate his birthday in a couple weeks.  Unreal!  Our youngest will be 3!?  Time is flying…

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