Church Christmas Program

The boys participated in a beautiful Christmas program at church over the weekend, too.  Micah “sang” and “rang bells” (although he didn’t want to touch the bells he was given) at the beginning of the service and then stayed with his class to watch the rest of the program.  You can see him in the bottom right of the picture, wearing green.


Ethan was a sheep in the program and he did a very nice job.  The whole program was absolutely lovely.  We were very impressed.

IMG_3088 10407877_10205684001607226_8130798030629724598_n IMG_3101

We invited our sweet neighbors to the program and they joined us!  It was SO much fun having them there with us.


After the service, there was a fun gingerbread contest.  Our neighbors won for “most creative” gingerbread house.  We had a blast!

IMG_3112 IMG_3119 IMG_3122 IMG_3130 IMG_3135 IMG_3116 IMG_3141 IMG_3153 IMG_3162 IMG_3165  <– ours fell from the sheer quantity of candy we managed to put on that thing!


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