Christmas Letter 2014

2014 was a wonderful year for the Cleve Crew.  We celebrated our first full year in Georgia and have really been enjoying this new adventure.  Our only complaint about this move are the huge (and far too plentiful) bugs and the hot/humid and/or rainy weather; everything else has been absolutely lovely and wonderful for our family.  This year of life together has been filled with time with friends and family and it is those experiences that you’ll see highly featured in this end of year letter.  “Letter” isn’t an accurate description for this post as I am relying heavily on pictures to tell the story.  And now, our year in pictures:


We welcomed a new member to the Cleveland family when Ashley (Mike’s sister) married Zach.  The boys and I were honored to be in their wedding and we had a lovely time seeing all of our family there in Phoenix.


January also brought lots of laughs during a visit from Aunt Jennie (my sister):


The whole city of Atlanta was shut down by Snowmageddon (aka, two inches of snow):



We traveled to Naples, Florida to visit my parents and grandpa!  So thankful for that opportunity!

Ethan, golfingGreat Grandpa-2Ethan, Micah, Grandma, Grandpa


Mike traveled to the annual CCU Cougar Cup in Palm Springs, CA:


At the end of the month, on their drive back home to Wisconsin, my parents stopped by for a visit.

G'ma, G'pa, Ethan, Micah-s


We took the boys to their first Atlanta Braves game:


Mike rocked his first Savage Race:


Uncle Brad and Aunt Sally stopped by on their drive down to Florida:


Mike and Ethan went camping (for the first time) with guys from our church:



We ran our first 5k as a family for a ministry called the “Atlanta Dream Center”:


Mike went on a 3-day, 108 hole golf trip with some guys from our church:


Our sweet neighbors had their little girl and we had the privilege of watching their son:


We finally parted ways with our beloved Explorer:


And welcomed the 4Runner to our family:


Aunt Jen and Uncle Jason came over Labor Day weekend and helped us celebrate Ethan’s birthday:

IMG_6634 IMG_6655


We celebrated Ethan’s 5th birthday at the pool in our neighborhood with friends:


We finally started shopping at the Farmers Markets here:


Mike’s Mom (Grandma Cleve) came for a visit:


After spending some time at our house, we went on a road trip to St. Simon’s Island and then Orlando where we also met up with the Gossetts:

IMG_1193 IMG_7170


Mike and I celebrated 8 years of marriage!!!


We celebrated Independence Day with our neighbors:

IMG_7387 IMG_1545 IMG_1593

Grandma came for a short visit to see us and help Aunt Jennie at the Trade Show.  Aunt Jennie stuck around for a couple days afterwards:

IMG_7435 IMG_7645

We celebrated Mike’s birthday with sushi at our pool:


We had a lot of work done at our house, including having sod laid in the backyard!!



August was a very fun month!  My Dad (thank you, again!!!) flew down here to help the boys and I drive to the Fennema reunion in Indiana:

Group-2 IMG_8148 Motel (1 of 1)-6

We also spent some time in Wisconsin.  We watched the Packers practice and I celebrated my 30th birthday (woot!):

Grandpa, Jen, Ethan (2) Jess, Micah Gerrit, Lauren, Ivan IMG_8313 IMG_8348 Jess, Cass (1 of 1)-2

And then Mike flew to Chicago and we went on a road trip with my best friend and her family to Cincinnati:



Ethan started the 5 year old program at school and Micah and I started having some special time just the two of us:


We went on a family adventure to Tallulah Gorge State Park:


I took the boys to Hillcrest Orchards with some friends from church: IMG_9733 IMG_9701


Mike and some friends from church competed in a Savage Race:

IMG_9743 IMG_9930

Grandpa Russ came out for a visit:

IMG_2384 IMG_0050

We hiked the famous Stone Mountain with some friends:


We enjoyed the BIAS Halloween party and went trick or treating:

IMG_0683 IMG_0775


We finally made it the Aquarium and LOVED it:

IMG_2808 IMG_2819

We enjoyed a bunch of Thanksgiving feasts (at E’s school, Mike’s work, and with our neighbors on Thanksgiving day):

IMG_1086 IMG_1098 IMG_2873DSC_1087 DSC_1161

The month of December has been filled with daily posts from the Advent season and will soon have updates from our trips, so I won’t include that in this wrap up.  Suffice it to say, we’re incredibly grateful for all of the blessings we’ve experienced this year and all of the lessons (perhaps those will come another time…) we’ve learned.  The Cleve Crew has had a great year and hope you have, too!

In Christ Alone,

Jess (on behalf of the whole crew)

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