Christmas Trip: Wisconsin (Pt 2)

After a couple of fun days in Michigan, we all drove to Wisconsin (with a great stop in Chicago at Jen and Jason’s place, first, to celebrate Lauren’s birthday) for the rest of our trip.  We had a wonderful time; the pictures speak volumes.  We all stayed at my parents’ house, so we had tons of time together – an awesome blessing.  One highlight was definitely going to the Packers game with the ladies in the family – a gift given to us by our thoughtful men!  Another specific highlight was getting together with the Maurer family – always a special time for us!  We had a blast!

Birthday pizza (1 of 1)-2 Gerrit, Laruen, Ethan, Micah (1 of 1) Jason, Ivan (1 of 1) Jennie, Ethan (1 of 1) Racko (1 of 1) Birthday cakes (1 of 1)-2 Birthday party (1 of 1)-3 Birthday party (1 of 1)-4 IMG_1883

Celebrating Christmas in Kenosha:

family (1 of 1)-2 family (1 of 1)-3 Christmas pj's (1 of 1)  Christmas pj's (1 of 1)-2 Ethan's present (1 of 1) fast shirt (1 of 1) Christmas Tree (1 of 1) Ivan's measuring cups (1 of 1)-2 Jennie's pj's (1 of 1) Mike and boys (1 of 1) Mike Packer (1 of 1) Mike's present (1 of 1) IMG_1893 IMG_1906 IMG_1909 IMG_1899 IMG_1923

On Sunday, Lauren’s birthday, we headed to Green Bay to see the Packers beat the Lions!  It was an awesome experience!  Merry Christmas to the ladies from our sweet husbands. =)

IMG_1886 IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1892 10897880_10152481482981576_6218700548686800851_n 10898025_10152481635321576_7711949241090815284_n 10881733_10152481635411576_3363568583648591046_n 10885381_10152481635646576_2937453829574565647_n 10897013_10152481635741576_191492469126806789_n

Here are some more pictures from our time in Kenosha:

IMG_3257 IMG_3260 IMG_3284IMG_3262 IMG_1896

Some people played a big game of football outside.  Ethan was SO excited about that and wore his Packers gear and his new receiver gloves.

IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1927 IMG_1932 IMG_1938 IMG_1940 IMG_1980 IMG_1982 IMG_1983

We also spent some time with Maurer family – a MUST any time we are in Wisconsin.  We went to the Kenosha museum and did crafts there.  Then we headed to Monkey Joes for some fun.  We ended the night with Chipotle!  It was lots of fun and is neat to see how quickly the kids jump into playing together.  The guy you see in some of the pictures that isn’t Adam but looks like him…that’s his younger brother.  It’s cool to see how well they get along…it’s something I am hopeful for our boys. =)

The adults had gotten together the night after the Packers game, but I guess we forgot to snap a picture.  It was lots of fun, too, and gave us a chance to catch up!

IMG_1970 IMG_1941 IMG_1973 IMG_1948 IMG_4465 IMG_3277  <– yep, we have matching boots! LOLIMG_3283 IMG_1975 IMG_1951 IMG_1952 IMG_1956 IMG_1976 IMG_1961 IMG_1965 IMG_1968

It’s always a blast to spend time with our family and friends!  Loved it.

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