Meanwhile at home…

Mike had a fantastic time in Colorado, catching up with friends and family and friends who are more like family than friends. 🙂 Meanwhile at home, the boys and I had a great weekend. 

Ethan had his first soccer game (which he won although they don’t keep score…someone may or may not take after his parents in competitive nature).  He put his entire uniform on right away when he woke up, despite the game not starting until 1:15.  Ethan helped me make the best breakfast I’ve had in a long time.

Micah didn’t try it…so he ate an avocado instead and gave it two thumbs up! 👍👍

Then we went to the track so that I could run a bit before the game. The track is right next to the fields. 

Ethan did a great job out there and was lots of fun to watch. He’s more tentative than I would have guessed but I think he will pick it up pretty quickly. He had lots of fun!!

Our neighbor plays for the U8 team and played at the same fields so we watched her finish her game and then played on the playground for a while.

We finished the evening with a Skype with grandma Cleve and “banana swirl” (frozen bananas in the blender).

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