Our Family’s Running on a Mission (again!)

Well, we are gearing up for our second big family race.  I plan to push our HUGE 3-year old in a stroller while Mike chases after Ethan on his scooter.  We are running 2.7 miles on May 3 with our whole church family.
Our church intentionally picked 2.7 miles to represent the 27 million people that are enslaved today. They are exploited, controlled, abused, and robbed of their freedoms and a whole lot of it is happening right here in Georgia.  Sadly, Atlanta is ranked one of the top 20 cities in the US human trafficking jurisdictions.  The cool thing is that Atlanta is also among the front-runners of cities trying to stop it.  Out of Darkness leads the pack.  The mission of Out of Darkness is to REACH, RESCUE, and RESTORE all victims of commercial sexual exploitation, that the glory of God may be known.
I am jazzed about this race for a lot of reasons:
#1: I love that our church is BEING the church and caring about the things that God thinks are important.  Chapter 58 of Isaiah has been challenging and convicting me this past year and really fits into this whole freedom theme that has been screaming at me all year:
“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
to loose the chains of injustice
and untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free
and break every yoke?”
#2: I love that it’s 2.7 miles – a very meaningful distance representing the 27 million individuals who are enslaved today.
#3: I love that we are trying to raise $7000 which would give one girl all the care she needs for an entire year.
#4: I love that the boys can participate with us!  Yay!  It’s hard at this stage in life to find meaningful things to do, so this is a seldom-found opportunity.
Anyway, no pressure to support the cause, but we wanted to give you the opportunity to join us in the fight against injustice.  All donations will go directly to Out of Darkness with the goal of providing care for one soul rescued from the streets for one year.  Follow this link to give.
Here’s the Crew before our first family 5k.  Last year we also ran to benefit Out of Darkness.  I wonder how much weight Micah has gained since then… EEK!

IMG_6303 IMG_9953 IMG_9971 IMG_6280

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