Grandpa & Grandma’s Visit (My pics)

These are by far much poorer quality photos, but I always like to include some of the shots I managed to take from my parents’ visit.  It shows a different perspective and includes some with my Dad. =)

On Sunday, we watched the Masters.  This was especially fun this year because Mike had just been to the course that previous week.  We were all decked out in our Masters gear and drank out of our special Masters cups all day, too.

IMG_3408 IMG_3412 IMG_3607 IMG_3616

We spent Monday at the aquarium:

IMG_3430 IMG_3434 IMG_3436 IMG_3441 IMG_3446 IMG_3477IMG_3448 IMG_3449

Much of the rest of the week was rainy, so we spent a lot of time playing games (the one with the big US map was made by my parents for the boys for Christmas!!), reading books, doing puzzles and decorating our windows:

IMG_3453 IMG_3455 IMG_3456 IMG_3458 IMG_3460 IMG_3472 IMG_3475 IMG_3480 IMG_3482 IMG_3485

We also went to “our pond” with Grandpa to try to see some turtles.  I think this picture is adorable:


As always, Grandpa wakes up early with the boys and lets them help him make oatmeal:


Here’s my little “best bunny” talking on the phone with Grandpa while we picked out some replacement bulbs.  I think we bought almost a full dozen….apparently having a dark house is unappealing to some people. =D


LOVED having you with us, Grandpa and Grandma!  Thanks for the blessing of your company!

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