More Random April Updates

I didn’t want to do a bunch of posts with only a couple of pictures in them and very little storyline, so I am doing another random update with a mish-mash of pictures/events.

“Getting jazzed up”

Micah likes to “get jazzed up” and often says he’s going to play “jazzed up songs” on our “new” keyboard.  The boys continue to get a kick out of playing with it.  They showed it off to Aunt Jen and Uncle Jason last time we skyped.  Sometimes Micah chooses to play music on the keyboard for our tabata work outs in the house – that’s always fun. =)


Tornado Warning!

We experienced our very first tornado warning a couple weeks ago.  I read a chapter of “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” while we were down in the basement.  I think the boys thought this was pretty cool, especially since it happened when they were already in their rooms for rest time.  They loved seeing all of the hail and really wanted to go get some to keep, but it was melted by the time we were able to get upstairs again.

IMG_3543 IMG_3545

When there are tornado warnings, we don’t usually go back outside to play in the afternoon….so we spent the afternoon doing worksheets, puzzles, and writing stories.

IMG_3546 IMG_3547 IMG_3549 IMG_3550

Boys in the kitchen:

Micah helped me make my home-made deodorant (yep, I’m still using it and loving it):


The boys love to help Mikey make smoothies in the morning:


Micah really, really wanted to try corn on the cob (he’s had it before, he just doesn’t seem to remember that…) so we bought some this week and I made it for the very first time. Milestone!  Micah helped me get all of the corn ready for boiling:

IMG_3647 IMG_3648 IMG_3649

Micah loves to help cook, mostly because he loves to eat while he’s doing it.  Here he is chopping away at cilantro.  Both boys love eating this stuff by itself (yuck):

IMG_3671 IMG_3675

Great weather!

We’ve been enjoying some beautiful weather days and have started spending some time out on our porch, especially this weekend.  Mike even worked from outside on Wednesday – the day he works from home.  Pretty adorable to see Ethan sitting next to him reading his bird book. =)

IMG_3682IMG_3622 IMG_3625 IMG_3628 IMG_3630 IMG_3631 IMG_3633

More updates to come…. =)

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