Last day of School

Ethan’s measurements for the last day of Pre-K Young 5s class:

Height: 4 feet, 1 inch

Weight: 54 lbs

Size clothes: 6-7

IMG_3919 IMG_3921

Micah got measured, too!!

Micah’s height: 3 feet 3 inches

Weight: ?? I can’t read the scale and can’t remember…it was in the 30s =/

Size clothes: 3T or 4T (usually 4T for shirts and 3T for shorts)

IMG_3924 IMG_3926

We celebrated the last day of school in various ways… oatmeal AND toast and an egg as per Ethan’s request:


Micah and I enjoyed one last run on our own and some time at the park:


After school we went with some friends to get cupcakes and ice cream and then ran off all that sugar at the park.  The boys thought this was just the coolest day EVER because they were with friends, had a special treat, and didn’t have to rest!  A-mazing!  E made it to the very top of the rope structure by himself – a milestone for him.

IMG_3932 IMG_3933 IMG_3937 IMG_3939

Here’s E on his first day of Pre-K Young 5s class contrasted with his last day:

Day 1: IMG_9167 

Last day: IMG_3945

And here is what we all looked like on our very first day: IMG_9143 IMG_9152

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