NBA Playoffs

So a few weeks ago, Mike asked me whether I would want to go to a Playoffs basketball game if the Hawks hosted the Cavs.  Not thinking it was all that likely or really contemplating what the cost could potentially be, I said I would love to see LeBron play (I didn’t agree to cheer for him, as that would be difficult for me…).  Well, the Cavs did end up coming to Atlanta to take on the Hawks.  Our initial attempt to go to the game would have been pretty pricey, so we opted out.  Two days later, however, we were given an AMAZING opportunity to go to the game for MUCH, MUCH cheaper.  And our sweet neighbor and friend was available to watch the boys.  Woot!

Mike and I had a blast at the game, even though the Hawks played pretty poorly.  One fun highlight: Shaq waved at me.  Mike and I were going down the escalator with very few other people and he happened to be looking that way.  I have liked him as a player and broadcaster for a while now (plus, who remembers his hilarious show, “Shaq Vs.” when he took on people like Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Phelps…I loved it!).  So that was fun and confirmed to me that he is, indeed, a kind and fun man. =P

IMG_4053 IMG_4056 IMG_4067 IMG_4078 IMG_4079IMG_4090IMG_4081

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