The Last of May

One of the last weekends in May we were out and about as a family and decided to stop at a restaurant for lunch.  Micah didn’t want to smile for a picture, so we made sad faces instead.  And then, making sad faces made us actually smile. =)

IMG_4161 IMG_4163

We had dinner with our neighbors/friends on Memorial Day.  Patricia printed out some worksheets for the big kids – they loved it!  Micah enjoyed dressing up like a kitty with the girls (LOL – so cute!) and also was the “owner” a bunch, too.  As usual, we all had a great time!

IMG_4112 IMG_4116 IMG_4118 IMG_4119 IMG_4120

The boys started playing “hockey” in the house.  They even set up their outfits (superhero capes) and their hockey sticks (free Hawks flags we got at the game) before going to bed at night.

IMG_4155 IMG_4156 IMG_4157 IMG_4159

And here’s Micah talking on his phone:


And here we are at the pool (an almost daily occurrence):


Our neighborhood had a little “school is out” party at the pool.  Ethan enjoyed going down the water slide a bunch of times.  Micah tried it a couple of times, but there were too many big kids playing on it, so he spent most of his time eating ice. =)

IMG_4068 IMG_4069 IMG_4071 IMG_4072 IMG_4074

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