Low Country Boil

I have a list of simple things I’d like to do while we live in the South.  There’s nothing spectacular on the list, but there are a few “Southern” things I’d like to experience while living here.  One such thing is a Low Country Boil.  And I finally got to check this one off my list.  It was incredible!  So much fun and VERY tasty.  Major props to my friend for pulling it off so well!

I made sweet sun tea for the occasion, but was told that 2 cups of sugar was not enough to call it “sweet” LOL!!  Oops.  My mistake.  Thankfully everyone still enjoyed it!

IMG_4533IMG_4328 IMG_4332  IMG_4535


Please note that there are more things added to my list now, too.  I’d like to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. museum downtown and go to a laser show at Stone Mountain.  There are probably more things to add, too, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

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