Random June

The boys got to experience Toys R Us recently and they had a blast.  Ethan had received a  gift card for his birthday.  He chose to buy legos and cars (surprise, surprise).  I was very proud of him for deciding to buy Micah a car, too, with his gift card money!  It was very sweet and Micah was incredibly excited about it.

IMG_4472 IMG_4474

After their rests most days, the boys go outside and water our flowers:

IMG_4492 IMG_4493

Micah is now fearless in the pool.  He wears these little floaties or a life vest and swims everywhere on his own.  EEK.

IMG_4495 IMG_4496 IMG_4497

Sometimes the boys make a boat out of our couches and sail around the world.  Ethan uses the US map to “sail” to all of the states and Micah uses the globe to “sail” to various countries.  They do a lot of fishing along the way.  And Ethan will announce various activities to do in each state – i.e. “we’re going to see rocket ships in Florida” – based on what the puzzle shows.


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