Other Little Updates

Before I write my massive post about Nashville, I wanted to cover a couple of other things from June and July.  My parents and my Aunt and Uncle drove down to Florida to check out their future condo.  On their way down, we met them for lunch – a fun treat for all of us!

IMG_4725 IMG_4729 IMG_4731

And on their way back up, they stopped by our house to sleep and enjoy a leisurely morning/breakfast with us!  We had just changed the rooms over, so the boys loved showing off the new space.

IMG_4783 IMG_4787

After a visit from Uncle Brad, you know these boys of mine are wearing Packers gear left and right.  I snapped this shot of them walking out of Target.  Good look, eh?


Ethan has been running with me once a week to get ready for his big race on July 4th with Hana.  We usually stop by the school playground afterwards and then race home.


We went to the library for story time.  It wasn’t the best, but the boys didn’t complain.


Mikey and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary!!!  We will celebrate more in Europe later this summer, but I made a really romantic breakfast for us! =P  We also had take out sushi that evening. YUM!  Thanks, Grandma Cleve!!!


We had some of my friend’s kiddos over one morning last week.  We had a blast with them.  Here they are in their igloo.


Here are the boys doing “centers”:

IMG_4928 IMG_4929 IMG_4938 IMG_4939  IMG_4941 IMG_4942

And we met some friends of ours at a puppet show on Tuesday.  The boys seemed to really enjoy it!

IMG_4930 IMG_4925

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